A Staff That Serves

So, I often write about the incredible school I call home and the people and things that make it such an incredible place. So often, these "things" are collections of moments; some so small and seemingly inconsequential that you might actually not even notice them if you weren't paying attention. And I try to pay attention. Because other times those moments… Continue reading A Staff That Serves

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So You’re Starting Reading Workshop!

This year our curriculum team has revamped the curriculum with a reading workshop framework. I am thrilled to see this! I truly believe in the power of a reading workshop classroom and have seen so many kids thrive in this type of environment. While there is no one program or method that is the "end all, be… Continue reading So You’re Starting Reading Workshop!


Telling Our Story

The inspiration for this idea came from a leader in New York, click here for story. One of the most important things we can do as educators is tell our story. We share all the learning and positive things that are going on in our schools and classrooms because we are doing great things and they… Continue reading Telling Our Story


A Reading Safari

Are you looking for something new and fun for your students to do during reading, while also hitting multiple standards? I am! In looking at the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), there are several reading standards that I want to specifically target in the coming weeks. I also want to make sure I have some… Continue reading A Reading Safari


Empowering Families Through Student-Led Conferences

One of the best things I've done this year was to implement student-led conferences. This was a learning experience for me! I definitely stepped out of my own comfort zone here by turning over the conference to my students. I want to see students as critical thinkers in all areas,  including an awareness of their… Continue reading Empowering Families Through Student-Led Conferences


4th Grade Writing Battles Begin!

My students have been working hard on their writing this year. We are currently perfecting our skills in the area of expository writing. As we head into Black History Month, as well as our upcoming Alamo unit, we've been reading and learning about people that are considered heroes. We have had great conversations about traits… Continue reading 4th Grade Writing Battles Begin!


Measuring 21st Century Skills In The Elementary Classroom

I'm often asked to share my strategies for developing integrated units that incorporate 21st century skills. An upcoming PBL I'm developing is on The Alamo. It will blend content areas while building 21st century skills and promoting family involvement. Giving students opportunities to develop and refine their 21st century skills is something most of us see… Continue reading Measuring 21st Century Skills In The Elementary Classroom


Mr. Myagi-An Ode To Student And Mentor Teachers

I often wish I could have a do-over with my first class. I'm afraid they didn't learn much from me. My mentor teacher was somewhat disengaged, and the student teaching experience was of such unremarkable value that I barely remember it. Next week, I'm hosting a student teacher. Even though I have taught for 15… Continue reading Mr. Myagi-An Ode To Student And Mentor Teachers


Through My Students’ Eyes

We are all becoming more and more aware of the importance of feedback. A look at this article by John Hattie and Helen Temperley reveals just how effective quality feedback is in moving students toward mastery. But what about students giving feedback? Isn't what our student's say just as important as what we say? I thought… Continue reading Through My Students’ Eyes


Coaching Students Through Feedback

Articles referenced are hyper-linked. Today started out like any other weekend morning. I woke up, poured my coffee, and powered up the IPad for my daily PD ritual: Twitter and blog reading. As I browsed the articles and read a few updated posts, something caught my eye.  Among the hashtags and updates was the quiet… Continue reading Coaching Students Through Feedback