Building School – Community Connections

I believe that thriving schools and thriving communities go hand in hand. Developing a shared vision for the school and community, a shared story of high expectations, big achievement, and mutual inspiration, are pathways for us to make an impact within and even beyond our schools. By building these relationships we can forge partnerships that foster student learning, strengthen families and… Continue reading Building School – Community Connections


Making Your Mark

  Our theme for this year, as designed by a student, is "Make Your Mark". I think this is such a great theme for a new year---so full of possibility and opportunity! Isn't that something we all want to do? Our students want to do that, as well. To make a difference. Change the world. Inspire others.… Continue reading Making Your Mark

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So You’re Starting Reading Workshop!

This year our curriculum team has revamped the curriculum with a reading workshop framework. I am thrilled to see this! I truly believe in the power of a reading workshop classroom and have seen so many kids thrive in this type of environment. While there is no one program or method that is the "end all, be… Continue reading So You’re Starting Reading Workshop!