Are You A Good Digital Citizen?


This is a new project I am planning for my 4th grade students. We have been learning a lot about digital citizenship this year, and we think it would be cool to create something that would help spread this message to other students (and for teachers to use if they want). I like that this gives them an authentic audience and a very relevant topic to work with while hitting several ELA standards. They will choose their own way of presenting their information. These might include:

Write and illustrate an eBook

Produce a “Kid President” style PSA

Design a website

Perform a parody/skit with informational video.

I am hoping several of my students will want to write and publish their very own eBooks! I am so excited to offer this choice to them! I will be honest and say that I don’t know much about writing an eBook, so it’s a great opportunity for me to learn with them.

The image at the top is a snippet of a practice page. Using Storybird.com, you can sign up for a teacher account and then add students to your account. They can select their own pen name (cool!) and use all of the art found on the site (though the free version offers less choice than the Premium. I am using the free). They can also upload their own pictures or illustrations. It seems fairly user friendly. After uploading the picture, the student just types each page, adding pages as needed. The final piece is to create the cover. This can then be saved and downloaded as an eBook. 

Below is a link to the unit I wrote for this using a simple Google doc.

Digital Citizenship PBL

Here is the rubric I created for them to use as they work:

Digital Citizenship PBL Rubric

I will stop back by and share their products with you when they are finished. This will be a great learning experience (for them and me) and I can’t wait to get started! We hope teachers find these useful and share them with their students next year. Feel free to use anything you find useful!



2 thoughts on “Are You A Good Digital Citizen?”

  1. This sounds awesome!!! Try the app book creator on. iPad! That’s what illbe using for our children’s book project! The kids are going to create a survey in google docs and then take it down to first grade to gather their interests, make a plot pitch, then begin writing their book and download it to iBooks book shelf so first grade can read them all! 🙂 can’t wait to hear how yours turn out!! I’ll email you some examples my sis sent me. They did the same project we will be doing!! 🙂


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