Harnessing Positive Energy

The end of the first semester is a good time to reflect on the year thus far. But often times, that reflection is tilted toward a sea of negativity. We talk about what we haven’t done, where the students aren’t yet, how annoyed we are with this or that. Instead, what if we shift that focus to what has already been accomplished. Let’s decide to shine a light on all that has gone right!20131215-081356.jpg

In thinking about my first semester, I can’t help but smile when I think about:

The kid who didn’t like to read four months ago who excitedly showed me his newest book choice Friday.
The touching Veterans Day program our kids and committee put on.
The beautiful choir performance I was blessed to see this week.
Our Reading Possee and the excitement they’ve brought to local neighborhoods.
The positive relationships I have with the parents of my students.
The motivated kids who are at my door every Tuesday and Thursday morning for tutorials.
Our new laptops and IPads!
The volunteer who graciously gave her time and expertise as she came and spoke with students about our garden designs.
My first TLAP lesson, The Maya Mystery Experience, and how motivated the students were during that unit.
My ever growing PLN and the invaluable learning I’ve experienced.
The way my students are engaging in discussions and giving feedback to one another each and every day.

20131215-083312.jpg 20131215-083307.jpg 20131215-083237.jpg

We have much more learning to do this year. Time is valuable now more than ever as we work to catch up from the ice days and tightly packed curriculum. But we have so much to celebrate and be positive about!

As you go through your last week before break, inevitably worrying about time and content to cover, I encourage you to reflect on your own proud moments and the incredible growth that has taken place in your students at this point. Celebrate the small moments because, when considered together, they show an engaged, motivated and successful group of kids who have already come leaps and bounds! Know that you have made a difference, and the world is a different place because of the lives you touch. We have a mighty purpose!

Let your positivity shine this week, and close out your first semester with the excitement and enthusiasm with which you began the year, because you’re a beacon of light to many!

20131215-081520.jpgHappy last week of 2013!


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